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"14th Colony brings great Context, Clarity, and Certainty to their work assignments and can be counted on to produce winning results."

Stephen R. Malm
SOA Program/Project Management Professional
Based in Sacramento, CA, we have a global reach with clients all over the United States... and the world!
More than 7 years of customer success!


With more than 7 years in business, 14th Colony has developed capabilities to help your business reach your next frontier of success! We specialize in technical and creative projects - projects that bridge IT and Marketing. We've found that by making the logical meet the insightful, we can develop products and processes that are an excellent representation of your business that works with your existing employees and customers while helping your business grow.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

14th Colony is comfortable in the field or the boardroom with consulting services that include:

Don't know who to assign to a weird task to? There are always those tasks that don't quite fit into anybody's job description. Whether you need a temporary back-fill or just someone to get the job done, picking up strange requests is practically our specialty! We offer ad hoc services at a reasonable hourly rate. Contact us for more information.

Our Corporate accounts include:

SoHo & Start-Up Solutions

SoHo Services

Small office, home office, or start-up just means you have more freedom to move around as you get acquainted with your market. But sometimes too much freedom can lead to too many questions and insecurity for moving forward. At 14th Colony, we want to be your "tour guide" for getting to the next frontier of your success. Our experienced consultants can help with services that include:

Our SoHo & Start-Up clients include:

14th Colony can also provide ad hoc or general consultation services. Contact Us for more information.

Website Design

Website Design

The Hardest Working Websites Online!

The flagship product of 14th Colony is our websites - the hardest working websites online! We craft our websites to be true to your brand, meet your goals, and work for everybody.

The internet is the great equalizer but many websites don't support mobile devices properly or work for users with visual disabilities. This is important because about 20% of all internet users have some type of visual disability - would you deliberately stop 1 in 5 of your customers from purchasing your product or service? Of course not! But most websites do exactly that without the website owner even realizing it.

The same careless coding errors can create problems with websites getting indexed by the search engines which can lead to a lot of missed opportunities from free traffic.

At 14th Colony, we can also connect your website with your social networking websites, leveraging both for bigger impact!

Sample websites include:

When you are ready for a new website or even just need some updates, 14th Colony will make sure your website is one of the hardest working online! Contact Us to get your website working right now!

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Wouldn't it be great if you could send a note to thousands of your customers and encourage them to check out a new product or even engage in a conversation?

Welcome to online marketing - with social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) you can reach out to your customers at less expense than a postage stamp!

Social Media

Depending on your business, customers and goals, different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pintrest may be a better fit or compliment to your other marketing tactics. 14th Colony can work with you to determine which social media sites to focus on and develop a plan for engaging your customers there.

Don't have the time to post updates often enough? That's ok - 14th Colony can help! We can make posts for you, grow your followers, and run your online promotions. We can also tie your website to your social profiles, even automating some of the process to push your content from your website to your social channels!

Clients effectively using Social Media include:


Search engine strategies like SEO and PPC and you can reach your customers virtually anywhere they go online! All websites built by 14th Colony are geared for SEO "best practices" - that is, our websites won't hinder the search engines from properly crawling and indexing your website and will instead eagerly invite them in! We can audit your website to determine if anything is interfering with your ability to rank in the search engines. We can also perform link-building and promotions to help your website rank higher in the search engine listings!

With pay-per-click services like Google's Adsense, you purchase certain keywords and set demographics to determine a good match for your website. The ad is placed at the top and side of the search engine result pages. When someone clicks your ad, you pay a price. PPC can be a good fit if you are looking for instant traffic and it can be an excellent compliment to additional marketing strategies, but managing and tracking an effective PPC campaign can be costly. 14th Colony can help with keyword selection and managing your PPC campaigns.

Whatever your need for online marketing, 14th Colony can help. Contact Us to talk about your needs and goals and we'll work with you to create the map to get you there!

Project Management

Project Management

One of the key capabilities of 14th Colony is effective Project management. We include PM on our own projects and we have jumped in to give structure and guidance to third-party companies.

"While managing the infrastructure program at Treasury Wine Estates, I had the pleasure of working with Randy McCarley on several projects. Randy was an invaluable asset to the team for numerous reasons, including his technical expertise, keen attention to detail, ability to provide and implement improvement suggestions, manage vendors, and all while keeping the team spirited with his constant positive attitude. Upon leaving TWE I recommended that Randy take over and manage the infrastructure program and the feedback has been outstanding. Randy is a terrific PM with a solid understanding of how best to use process and methodologies to ensure project success. I look forward to working with Randy again because any project he's working on is sure to be a success."

Leah Dineen, PMP
Project Management Professional at Strategic Success Partnering Group

Contact Us for PM help.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Do you have the right systems in place to meet your goals? 14th Colony can research, design and implement IT systems that will help you conquer the next frontier of success!

We can also provide ad hoc and ongoing support for your servers, network and personal computing needs.

Capabilities and experience include:

  • APC
  • SolarWinds
  • Security Audits
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft
  • Linux
  • Cisco
  • Eaton

IT Support accounts include:

Contact Us to get started!

Business Planning

Business Planning

When it comes to getting your business moving in the right direction, a good business plan can help you see new opportunities, spot weaknesses, and guide you to success. While most start-ups recognize the need for a good business plan (especially if they are seeking funding), established businesses should also be setting benchmarks and diligently pursuing success and a business plan can help you do that!

Standing still is moving backwards. Coasting is standing still in slow motion.

14th Colony has helped several businesses develop powerful business plans. We can help you with formatting, research, and guide you through the exercises to get an honest assessment of where you are at versus where you want to go. Contact Us to get started!

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Where should you focus your time, energy, and (most important) money when it comes to capturing new customers? 14th Colony can help you better understand your market, set priorities, and develop a plan to meet your customers both online and off.

Contact Us to get started!



A strong brand is the first impression your company makes when it encounters a new prospective new customer!

...and so is a weak one!

Branding and identity that is consistent across all of your marketing materials can make your image more memorable and make your marketing efforts more effective. Many small businesses have business cards that look different from their brochures which look different than their website. These disparities practically scream, "I am a small business and I may not be open tomorrow!" Consistent branding builds confidence that you are established, here to stay, and good at what you do.

14th Colony can build a strong brand for your business that reflects your personality and goals and that connects with your customers. From logo design to font and color choices and style guidelines, you'll have what you need to break through the clutter and be effective in your market as a force of nature!

Brands 14th Colony has developed include:

We love building brands - Contact Us to get started!



When it comes to getting the word out about your new product or service, few tactics can beat a good PR campaign. But when most people think about PR, they think of the big media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MSN, CNN and the like which may not be effective for your business. The best media outlets are the ones your customers are already engaging with which are often smaller, more targeted, and hungry for news to report on!

14th Colony can research the best fit media outlets for your project which may include national, regional and local broadcasting, print and online media agencies. We can also create the press release, distribute it, and dialogue with reporters if they have follow-up questions.

PR services can also compliment other marketing strategies, build identity, and boost online marketing. 14th Colony is ready to help put your business in the public consciousness, Contact Us to get started!

Be sure to see samples of our projects or Contact Us now to get your project started!