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"I've received only top of the line service every time, with every call and every issue handled immediately, always within 24 hours."

Dr. Jim Donoghue
Director of Advantage ChiroCare
Based in Sacramento, CA, we have a global reach with clients all over the United States... and the world!
More than 7 years of customer success!


14th Colony has been providing businesses with custom improvement solutions for over 7 years. Based in Sacramento, CA, our reach goes well beyond our national borders. We currently serve an international roster of clients, including Treasury Wine Estates (formerly Foster's Wine Estates) whose holdings include Beringer Wines, Stags' Leap, Chateau St. Jean and many more premium wine labels. See our Projects page for specific clients and the types of work we have completed.

We specialize in organizing systems to work with your people. This means we can look at your IT, Marketing or Business systems and develop ways to improve them so that your employees are more effective and your profit increases.

Improve moral, efficiency and profitability while reducing costs and employee turnover. Arm your employees for success so they can take care of your employees. Stay lean and adaptable as you grow!

Randall McCarley

CEO and Chief Consultant

Randall McCarley and Bride Gina

Randall has been working as a business consultant for over 11 years. His educational emphasis on business and art allows him to develop creative solutions quickly and he sees the connection between environment and application: in other words what is around you and the system you are in greatly affects how you perform.

In 2005 Randall left his position as Marketing Director for Consolidated Pump & Supply, a waterwell wholesale business with $1.5m in annual sales, to start 14th Colony. He enjoys working several projects and helping business owners take the step from start-up to established business.

Randall is a husband, father, pet owner, prolific reader of books and an active volunteer. Over the past 3 years he has put emphasis on the study of leadership principles.


It always starts with a conversation...

At 14th Colony, we have developed a process to ease new clients in gracefully and with a minimum of hassle. We'll talk to you about your business - its strengths and weaknesses, staff, and goals. We actually have a questionnaire that we'll fill out with you to ensure you understand the questions and to help you get through it quickly - we value your time and ambition! The questionnaire takes 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on how well you know your business and how tightly you've defined your project goals. At 14th Colony, we work toward results. And we want to ensure that what you have in your mind is what we are seeing on paper.

Once the questionnaire is complete, we'll create a proposal based on the information in the questionnaire. The proposal will include clear results, timelines, restrictions and anything else related to the project. It will also include payment terms, which usually includes a deposit. Once the proposal is accepted and the deposit is paid, work starts.

Be sure to see our Projects page to see how our work comes out or Contact Us now to get your project started!