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"14th Colony listened to my needs and concerns and delivered exactly what I needed... fantastic results, quickly and efficiently."

Darryl McGuire
Owner of Darryl McGuire/Media
Based in Sacramento, CA, we have a global reach with clients all over the United States... and the world!
More than 7 years of customer success!

Business Improvement by Design

Elegant solutions for your business that looks good while delivering great results!

We offer business-class improvement solutions through consulting, design, planning and implementation.

Our quality support services for IT, Marketing and Online Presence needs have thrilled our customers for years. But don't just take our word for it! You can see for yourself on the Projects page.

If these industry-leaders reached the results they needed, you can be sure 14th Colony will meet your needs as well.


The Hardest Working Websites Online!

Website Design

14th Colony Websites are:

  • W3C Compliant - the governing body of internet standards
  • Built with SEO "best practices" to ensure proper listing in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Tested in multiple browsers, including mobile devices
  • Work on audio browsers to support users with visual disabilities
  • Designed to enforce your branding
  • Built by master craftsmen with over 10 years website development experience

The flagship product of 14th Colony is our websites - the hardest working websites online! We craft our websites to be true to your brand, meet your goals, and work for every viewer on every device.

Would you stop 1 in 5 of your customers from purchasing your product or service?

Of course not!

But many websites do exactly that without the website owner realizing it.

The internet is the great equalizer but many websites don't support mobile devices or work for users with visual disabilities. This is important because the mobile internet is expected to reach everyone globally by 2016. And about 20% of all internet users have some type of visual disability.

Careless coding errors or the poor structuring of a website can create problems with your website getting properly indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo! which can lead to a lot of missed opportunities for free traffic.

At 14th Colony, we can connect your website with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, leveraging both for greater impact!

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Technically Correct, Human-Friendly

IT Services

Do you have the right IT systems in place to meet your goals? 14th Colony can research, design and implement IT systems that will help you conquer the next frontier of success!

We can also provide ad hoc and ongoing support for your servers, network and personal computing needs.

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       Full Contact Marketing

Marketing Services

Reach your customers wherever they are! "Full Contact Marketing" refers to our Marketing Strategy services where we can craft a marketing plan for your business goals and implement it. From offline print and media to digital promotion leveraging search engines and social networks, 14th Colony can deliver an inclusive strategy for connecting with the most customers possible.

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